Troupe Da-Da


Troupe Da-Da African Dance and Drum Ensemble was Founded in 1995 by Renee “Oyin” Hardy. Troupe Da-Da’s repertoire includes a variety of traditional West African and Afro-Cuban dances.  Dressed in colorful, authentic costumes and singing in traditional African languages, the dancers of Troupe Da-Da move gracefully to the powerful rhythms of the Djembe, Dundun, Conga and Bata drums. Troupe Da-Da also plays a number of African percussion instruments such as the Sekere, Log Drums and the Talking drums fromNigeria.

The mission of Troupe Da-Da is to represent traditional West African and Cuban culture at the highest level of artistic excellence through the preservation and presentation of Traditional dancing as well as masquerade, music and storytelling. We seek to expand the cultural awareness of African contributions to the arts through educational programs and performances that highlight the social and ritualistic customs of the people of the African Diaspora

Iya Oyin Hardy, Artistic Director and the members of the ensemble are available for performances, workshops and classes.   Hardy, who has studied dance for over 25 years, teaches an ongoing Afro-Cuban dance class every Saturday at theLonnieYoungRecreationCenter,1100 E. Chelten Avenue, 19138, at 10am.

For more information on Troupe Da-Da’s performances, workshops or classes, please feel free to call Iya Oyin Hardy at 267-252-1041.

Afro-Cuban Dance Classes


Taught by: Iya Oyin Hardy


1100 East Chelten Avenue

Philadelphia, Pa.  19138

(215) 685-2236

Starting: every sat

Time:       10:00 to 11:30 am

Price:       $12 per Class

For more info FEEL FREE TO contact Oyin at:

Women: please bring wide skirt if you have one, a lapa (wrap Skirt) or comfortable workout attire

Men: Please wear comfortable workout Attire